Cinema chairs for the modern cinema 'complex'

11 May 2018

Crowded armrests, popcorn crumbs and sticky seats, this, is the cinema experience of the past.

These days it’s fairly rare to come across a cinema venue that exclusively offers a simple movie experience to its customers. Whether old and grand, boutique or commercial, today’s film venues are now better described as movie complexes — high-end, multipurpose facilities that also feature bars, restaurants, cafes and even music venues. Most owners are now seeking to offer a high quality experience to their customers that captures more of their entertainment dollar.

It’s no surprise then that this trend has completely changed the style and fit out needs of cinema buildings. In terms of seating, it has totally revolutionised what is required from the once humble (and often tatty) cinema chair.

Firstly, cinema chairs for multipurpose venues need to have much greater functionality than older models in order to cater for the far more complex food and beverage options on offer. It’s now common for cinemas serve upscale platters and tapas or even full meals to their patrons, and don’t forget the alcoholic beverages.

This means chairs need to come with tables or at least armrests wide enough to sit a full size plate on and allow for enough elbow room for punters to tuck in. They also need to be easily wiped down and cleaned. Many venues going for more comprehensive menus go for our Rossini  and Tchaikovsky chairs for these reasons.

Just as importantly, today’s cinema chairs need to look the part. Forget basic, our customers want plush and classy with the ability to match their overall aesthetic. Art Deco is a popular theme for our boutique cinema clients who are currently loving our Effuzi Mojo, Club  and Phatt  chairs — all customisable in different colours and fabrics.

So, do your cinema seats maximise value for you and your customers? Check out our extensive range of cinema seating options today to find out.