You + Alloyfold Chairs = Superheroes fighting for good.

07 December 2018

It's a message we'll never get tired of.  

You + Alloyfold chairs are everyday superheroes fighting for good.  BOOM!  BAM!  KAPOW!  

That's a bit whacky you say! Well yes and so is the cartoon below back for 2019 - but check it out! 

Let me explain... Alloyfold is a social enterprise.  Every purchase of our Alloyfold aluminum chairs (or other durable party rental seating) provides vital funds to our charity (Pathway) to give someone a fresh start with accommodation, employment and prison reintegration.

For the second year in a row we are running this campaign.  We have a league of everyday superheroes featuring our Bella, Chiavari  and A6 chairs just waiting to bust out their capes and tell you their stories that could be your stories.

One chair can really change a life.  Visit the Alloyfold booth at #3060, The American Rental Show for giveaways and find out more.  Finance terms are available.

Alloyfold Superhero Comic 1